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Sitchin was able to let's recognize that Enki wrote which the Anunnaki came to Earth for gold to deliver again (by way of Mars) to Nibiru to powder into an atmospheric defend. Miners from Nibiru spent lifetimes mining gold in Africa until eventually, 300,000 several years back, Enki manipulated the miners to mutiny, then received acceptance from Nibiru to replace the mutineers with a worker race tailored from the Anunnaki genome. Enki, his sister Ninmah and his son Ningishzidda first produced small-lived slaves, known as Adamites

three.4 billion a long time ago, “clays acted as chemical laboratories where by inorganic materials have been processed into far more elaborate molecules. Inorganic proto-organisms while in the clay acted to be a template from which dwelling organisms [just one- celled microscopic algae like today’s blue-environmentally friendly algae] evolved. Defects while in the clays acted as sites in which saved Vitality and chemical directions to the formation of proto-organisms produced.” Inexperienced algae’s “the precursor of chlorophyllic vegetation that use daylight to transform their nutrients to organic and natural compounds, emitting oxygen in the method after algae spread upon dry land.

On the list of factors we discovered without desiring to is that the universe and all other areas of it is in fact idiomaterial. Idiomaterial suggests that it's subject and thought and we can’t notify it apart. Lifestyle physics (that is what arrived out of the hard work) basically prospects us to hunt explanations on causation, not just the unification of all forces of nature (as material or conventional physics does). We use a means and way of going out in the body that's technologically supported and makes it possible for someone to do this on need; we referred to as it extension neurosensing (or ENS for short). The speculation and engineering was designed by a number of us.

Nibiran overseers directed merchandise and water alongside the channels with “a levitation gadget that tapped into the magnetic information in the stones–the exact same way present day trains float higher than electromagnetic tracks. The levitation machine assisted them raise stones heavier than 10 tons.

Enki blog and Ninmah buried their documents and Computer system courses in diorite crypts under the rocket System in Lebanon. Underground, they designed genetic banking companies to save Earth’s creatures from the flood.

The three look what i found major buildings rose from terraces that elevated them and leaned them in opposition to forty-foot significant outer western wall that ran five hundred feet and encompassed the elaborate on a few sides and still left the positioning open up into the river to the east side.

The Anunnaki’s tales in their stay on this planet right before they designed our ancestors, along with what our forefathers directly saw imprinted us Using the values of the Nibiran hierarchic, male-operate, master-slave-enemy mentality.

The Xianyang pyramid in Qinghai province near Mount Baigong’s leading rises 200 ft amidst items of pressurized gasoline and water pipes manufactured from cobalt and factors exogenous to Earth.

To each of the other Anunnaki, a choice to leave or maybe the calamity outwait must be offered. The Igigi who Earthlings espoused ought to amongst departure and spouses decide on.

Earth “attained the shape of a world dictated by forces of gravity. Waters collected into the cavity about the torn-off facet. Dry land appeared on Earth’s other aspect. Breakup of more info here your Earth’s crust, plate tectonics, variances between continental and oceanic crusts, emergence of a Pangaea [an individual continent] from under the waters, the primordial encircling ocean” led our experts to substantiate the Nibiran model of Earth formed after Evil Wind then Nibiru strike Tiamat. [ZS,

The shifting weather and alter on the reigning zodiacal house from the Enlil’s Bull to Marduk’s Aries “moved the telluric lines in the earth. Anchoring the shifting nodes of such currents worldwide with terrific stone circles, thousands of dolmens and menhirs, expansions of current temples” safeguarded these stone-encoded computation gadgets which now shifted to marking the Wintertime solstice.

Skirmishes as well as the likelihood of damaging war grew between Enki’s and Enlil’s lineages. Then their darlings made a decision to marry. Enkiite and Enlilite elders hoped that if Dumuzi wed Inanna, fatal rivalry in between their lineages would cease.

The Anunnaki carved enormous blocks of incredibly tough pink [porphyry] granite that holds substantial-grained quartz crystal, from Kachiqhata, the opposite mountainside of Ollantaytambo’s valley. There builders hewed and formed the blocks, then, with inverse piezoelectricity, moved them more than two streams to slides on each side on the rivers, then up to Ollantaytambo wherever they lifted, precisely placed and fused the blocks alongside one another.

Enlil requested Abraham and his nephew Large amount into the Negev desert on the border of Sinai. He Geared up Abraham with the best chariots, greatest horses, 380 effectively-skilled troopers and weapons that “could smite a military of 10 thousand Adult males in hrs.

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